Dear Future Phoenix Families-


Welcome to Discovery High School!  Now that we have a list of committed students who are joining DHS, we thank you for helping us schedule classes for fall by completing the elective survey.


Please read through the DHS forecasting guide (linked at the bottom of this page) to learn about graduation requirements, college admissions, and our intended course offerings.  Please note that not all courses will be offered next year.  The courses we offer will ultimately be based on student interest using the survey linked below. 


All freshman will take the following core courses:

  1. English Lit & Comp 9

  2. Algebra 1 (or the next math in sequence)

  3. Environmental Science

  4. AP Human Geography

  5. Electives (1.0 credit)

  6. Electives (1.0 credit)

All sophomores will take the following core courses:

  1. AP Seminar (English)

  2. Geometry (or the next math in sequence)

  3. Biology

  4. AP World History

  5. Electives (1.0 credit)

  6. Electives (1.0 credit)


Please follow this survey to select your potential elective choices (your student should select FOUR elective classes unless she or he intends to take a World Language).  We do our best to accommodate first choices; you need to provide alternate options so we can balance classes.


Here are a few things to consider:


  • 4-year universities require at least 2 years of the same world language for admission.  More competitive universities require 3-4 years.  Depending on your student’s post-secondary pathway, you may need to start a world language during freshman year.  When in doubt, research the admissions requirements of a desired program, college, or university.

  • Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 are graduation requirements.  If you’ve already taken Algebra 1 and Geometry in middle school for high school credit, you may register for Algebra 2.

  • All students will be taking AP Human Geography.  The AP Exam is optional. 


Have a great summer!





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School Counselor

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