Due to our small, personalized learning environment and project-based approach, our students and teachers connect as learners and individuals, thus opening the door for strong relationships and deep and meaningful learning to occur.  In addition, projects allow students to connect with each other, community experts, and the world around them.


At Discovery High School, we increase student engagement by activating content standards through Project Based Learning (PBL).  PBL challenges students to tackle content and real-world issues using a hands-on and collaborative approach while developing the critical 21st century success skills of collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. 


Project Based Learning helps students discover themselves as learners, creators, innovators, and community members. In addition to grade-level projects, students will have the opportunity to develop individual teacher-guided passion projects, opening up elective credit opportunities and potential career paths. 


Welcome to Discovery High School; home of the Phoenix!

Thanks to the vision and support of our community, the Camas School District is pleased to offer a third high school option for students wanting to engage in Project Based Learning. When our Facilities Advisory committee of Citizens, Teachers, Staff, and Students first imagined a new high school experience, they developed the following guiding principles:


  • Personalized Learning that’s Engaging, Active, and Inspiring

  • Students and Teachers Collaboratively Design Learning

  • Flexible and Adaptable

  • Contribution to Community


After visiting many programs exhibiting these qualities (including the highly regarded High Tech High program in San Diego), we all agreed that a high school focusing on Project-Based-Learning (PBL) was the way to deliver on our guiding principles. After two-and-a-half years in our PBL-focused middle school, Odyssey, we are even more convinced that PBL delivers on content while providing deep, meaningful, and memorable learning experiences. 


Why PBL? The world has changed a lot since many of us were in school.  Colleges and employers are looking for students who can do more than memorize content. They are looking for individuals who can effectively collaborate, communicate, create, think critically, solve problems, and organize their time. At Discovery High School, we won't leave these 21st-century success skills to chance. 


Additionally, please know that the same content standards used at our other high schools will still be at the heart of what we do. Students will be served by a team of content specialists who will meet with them on a daily basis. The difference is a PBL approach activates learning standards by connecting them to real-world problems and gives students the opportunity to tackle these issues in an integrated and collaborative manner for an extended period of time. Discovery High School students will graduate with the same diploma and transcript as our other Camas students, including opportunities for AP and dual credit. In addition, they will have a portfolio of projects and experiences demonstrating they can apply their content knowledge and possess the success skills necessary to launch into any post-secondary option. 


Lastly, we very much look forward to creating a small, personalized learning environment where we will get to know our students as learners and individuals, helping them discover their passions and future paths. Our founding students will have the unique experience of helping us create our school family and culture from the very beginning in a state-of-the-art inspiring facility.  They will also continue to have access to activities and athletics at CHS. 


We encourage you to explore our website and to mark your calendar for our upcoming information events. We appreciate your interest and support as we build a school for our students' futures; not our past. Rise, Phoenix! 







Aaron J. Smith, Principal

Odyssey Middle School & Discovery High School

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